Vision and Path

A better, more just, more aligned, more thriving, more loving world is possible.

It is a place where diversity thrives and ecosystems are resilient and healthy. It is a place where human systems support and nurture the rest of life. It is a place where humans realize and honor that the earth supports and nurtures us in return. It is a place where power and privilege are shared equitably. It is a place where the water is clean, the air is safe, and the climate is stable. It is a place where we know our interconnectedness, spread love, and build a stronger community together.

This vision is what I aim for in my work. As an artist, ecologist, and educator I strive to bring this future alive in this moment.

I have worked on land and species conservation and as a fine artist. I have developed curriculum and shared them with people of all ages. My bachelor’s degree is in environmental studies and studio art, and my master’s degree is in international environmental policy. I am an Environmental Leadership senior fellow, was trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, and member of the EcoCultureLab.


These Days

Today, I teach interdisciplinary ecological courses at Champlain College, where my students and I explore interwoven topics like science literacy; environmental history, science, justice, and policy; art; government; economics; history; social change; ethics; and ourselves.

I have been studying and teaching eco- and climate grief and mourning for a number of years, and have designed workshops to share this with others. Like my classroom teaching, these workshops are interdisciplinary, and highlight some of the most powerful ideas and practices I have experienced over the years. I draw on ecology, psychology, ethics, mindfulness and meditation, somatic experience, Buddhism, activism, and justice. I offer these workshops in a variety of formats including a 1.5 hour, to the 12-week Empowering Ourselves and Others in a Changing Climate offering, to everything in-between.

While not working, I am usually spending time with loved ones, human and more-than; exploring moss neighborhoods and fungi friends; reading (mostly) non-fiction; writing poetry in the woods; lifting weights to raucous music or meditating in quiet moments. I am also working on my doctorate in ecopsychology and environmental humanities.

If you are interested in collaborating, have questions, or want to learn more, please reach out.