We are all in this together.

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We are all in this together highlights how climate change exacerbates biodiversity loss around the world. In paintings and short written illustrations this project tells the story of how climate change affects these 50 species from around the world.

True to the initial intention of this project, the paintings are a touring installation. So far they have been displayed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington DC.  This project is about raising awareness and inspiring awe for all the wonderful beings we share this home with. Let me know if you would like them hung in your space for a while. I look forward to their next exhibit!


This project was generously funded by some truly wonderful people via a Kickstarter campaign. 

~~~ A deep, genuine, loving gratitude to my backers. ~~~

Jessica Sweiden – Brian Kasarjian – Occam – Michael Burgess – Steve Smith – Kir Talmage – Carol –  Tamara Boise – Leah Tivoli – Carol Tivoli – William Hickson – Joe Lindsay – Rick Winslow – Gabriella D’Urso – Carol Talmage – CL Tracy – Rasmus Kiehl – Erin Talmage – Christine Volonte – Kyria Pires – Jennifer Kaigle – Heidi Bock – Kathryn G. Havemann – Wendy Townsend – Meg Berlin – Frank Owen – Levi, Morgan, Abi – Michele Demers – Vaggio Games – Myfanwy Appleton – Benjamin Bryant – Warren Senders – Nikki Marks – David Roemer – Lauren Layton – Molly Grover – Alyssum Pohl – Corrie – Amy – E Mitchell – Michelle Townsend – Willa Caughey – Sara F. Dillon – Burch Andrews – Leah Casterlin – Deborah – Susannah Miskell – Ellen Kincaid – Danielle Christopher – Donna – Leah Mital – Ruth – Meredith Kelley – Mary Hawley – Sarah Tivoli – Lauren Redfield – Nora Hickson – Carlton Solle – Krystal Sewell – Christy A. Smith – Ronald Gill “GILOSON” – Karen Robiscoe – Alan_C


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